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by Daisy · Updated Jun 11, 2024

在成功帮助加拿大🇨🇦客户在代考GMAT Focus考试中作弊后,他们写了一篇非常详细的反馈❤️:



因为在Daisy的帮助下,我在考试期间没有那么紧张,能够在没有监考人员干扰的情况下完成整个考试。他们也非常支持和理解。在考试过程中出现了一个情况,他们理解并对我表示了善意。正因如此,我必须给Daisy 5星中的5星,不仅是因为他们的技术进步,还因为他们对待和处理客户的方式。



Daisy is the best exam assistance you can find on the internet. They use the latest technology, are the kindest and most understanding people, and ensure that you get the score you need for your exam. I am based in Canada, and without their help and my tight deadline, I could not have completed the exam and received the mark that I did.

Previously, I took the GMAT exam with another company, which required me to have two phones, and due to this, I only ended up scoring around a 425. The proctor during my exam with the other company was skeptical and asked to see my desk multiple times. This ultimately led to me running out of time on the GMAT and not getting the score I needed. Daisy, on the other hand, uses smart technology that does not require this kind of setup.

Because I wasn't as nervous during the exam with Daisy, I was able to complete the entire exam without any interruptions from the proctor. They are very supportive and understanding as well. A situation arose, and they understood and showed me kindness. For this reason, I have to give Daisy a 5 out of 5 stars, not only for their technological advancements but also for how they treat and deal with their customers.

I will be forever grateful to this company and these people for allowing me to gain entrance into my school of choice. If you need help passing any exam they offer, I can guarantee you that they will be able to get you the score you need!